Bishop E. James Logan


James Logan is familiar with the presence and power of God, after having almost died prematurely as an infant from asthma God spared James’ life. Growing up sickly and weak James found it difficult to do many of the things ordinary children did.[gn_frame align="right"] [/gn_frame]

As a result he found comfort in prayer, bible reading and the presence of God!

Once again at the age of 10 James life was challenged by asthma but again by the grace of God his life was spared and this would be the last time asthma would rear its head.

As a child James found himself drawn to the altar giving his life to Christ.

Upon baptism after coming up from the water he would see a heavenly vision of glory that would forever affect his life! From there he would encounter the drug culture and his life would spiral out of control for years until God would again supernaturally get his attention through a vision. This vision would prove powerful enough for James to turn back to The Lord and recommit his life. After having served in the United States Army and moving to the Chicago land area James joined Christian Faith Fellowship Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and renewed a passion for Christ that would take him from faith to faith.

Using the training he received from the military, seminary and the Joint College of African American Bishops James serves in many areas, and functions in many leadership roles with his wife Deborah.

For over 20 years James Logan has faithfully followed The Lamb and as Senior Pastor of Christian Faith Fellowship Church in Zion, Illinois, Prelate Christian Faith Fellowship of Churches and member of the Joint College of African American Bishops this servant to leaders, pastor, husband of 25 years and father of two born again children has authored books, training manuals and traveled internationally ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ through radio, TV and the internet with documented miracles of healing and deliverance all for the glory of God.